MCC HOG 30th Anniversary

The Music City “Ride and Have Fun” Legacy!

While folks were riding and having fun long before the Music City chapter had an official charter with the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.), the Music City chapter has kept the wheels rolling and the fun happening for the past 30 Years!
That’s right, this year we will celebrate 30 years of riding and having fun with the Music City H.O.G. chapter. We will take a look into the past, how it began, those involved in seeing that the legacy continues and some of the many adventures taken and memories made.
Though we were unable to reach all of those who were instrumental in building and maintaining this legacy, we recognize their contributions and want to extend a sincere and heart felt Thank you to them! Their voluntary giving of their time, talent and finances, to make a group worth belonging to, makes us now want to continue Riding and Having Fun with the group we know as the Music City H.O.G. chapter.
Let’s start with a look at the rough draft of the first newsletter July 27, 1986.

The original letter announcing the first chapter meeting to be held on August 15, 1986 and an original list of the first dues paying chapter members.


I trust you’ll enjoy looking back through the years as much as I do. I almost forgot to mention, our celebration will culminate with a grand celebration night of Fun. Stay tuned and don’t miss our upcoming chapter meetings as we celebrate 30 years of Riding and Having Fun!

Larry Hendrick
Music City Chapter