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Twelve of the Best Rides in Tennessee

The Ultimate 12-Pack

*Courtesy of the 2007 State Rally Committee
UPDATED PDF files – Rides now leaving from Boswell’s on Fessler’s Lane

1. The Middle of Nowhere Ride

For Fried Chicken and Banana Puddin!  You won’t believe that you’re not 100’s of miles from civilization! With more Mom n Pop country stores than stoplights or stop signs, this is a Harley-Davidson Rider’s dream, and you will truly feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.Time your trip to arrive with an empty stomach at MontgomeryBell State Park, one of Tennessee’s premiere State Parks for a great buffet lunch. Fried Chicken and Banana Puddin’, yea baby, now that’s Southern Cooking!
Afterwards venture back on to the lazy winding roads, ever so gently returning to civilization,Nashville. This ride will be approximately 4 hours of riding bliss, all in the middle of nowhere!
Provided by the Music City H.O.G. Chapter          Turn-by-turn Directions—> ride1

2. Twist & Shout!!!

Ride west with the warm morning sun at your back to the little town of Pegram.  Once in Pegram, stop for a moment to stretch your muscles and loosen your vocal cords as you prepare to boogie down on two wheels through the foothills of Western Middle Tennessee and back again?
This 3.5-hour journey through stunning foothills and spectacular limestone bluffs is filled with twists that will make you want to throw your hands up and shout! (with the side stand down)Provided by the Music City H.O.G. Chapter
Turn-by-turn Directions–> ride2

3. The Best of Both Worlds

Riding the Back Roads and visiting the machines from the past, your destination is Red Boiling Springs and Cycle Mo’s Museum. Besides the beautiful ride through the country to get there, what more can we say? First, Red Boiling Springs? There are hand pumps all over Red Boiling Springs where visitors can pump samples of spring water. There are five types of water found in Red Boiling Springs: red, black, white, freestone, and double and twist.The first three are named because (as legend goes) of the color they will turn a silver coin when immersed in the water. Freestone is free of all minerals, a good drinking water.Double and Twist received its name from the physical effects it has on a person’s body when he/she drinks the water. The City of Red Boiling Springs doesn’t recommend anyone actually drinking water from one of the hand pumps around town because the wells are not marked as to what kind of water is in each. Second, visit the only Motorcycle Museum in the State of Tennessee. There you will find a variety of vintage motorcycles that will take you back in time in your imagination. Visit their website for more information: www.cyclemos.comProvided by the Music City H.O.G. Chapter           Turn-by-turn Directions—> ride3

4.  A Trip To Paris? Parlez-vous Francis?

Here’s your chance to ride your Harley to Paris! Paris,Tennessee that is and visit the Eiffel Tower. The 60-Foot Eiffel Tower that now stands in Paris originated inMemphis.  This is said to be one of Tennessee’s most overlooked attractions.  Just 18 miles down the road, visit the beautiful 841-acre Paris Landing State Park which is named for a steamboat and freight landing on the Tennessee River, dating back to the mid 1800’s.While in Paris and before heading back to Music City, continue the tradition of riding to eat by stopping at the State Park restaurant that seats 250 people overlooking picturesque Kentucky Lake. The restaurant is noted for its 44 feet long buffet, which features excellent southern cuisine.Not far from Paris Landing in Dover is a must see for Civil War buffs.  Ft. Donelson was the site of the first Northern Victory, staged on the Cumberland River. The Union Navy Flotilla fought this battle with ironclad gunboats against 11 big guns in the Confederate Water Batteries.This is 200+ mile back road ride to beautiful West Tennessee.  The roads, the lakes and the Paris Landing Buffet will all make you want to say, in your best Tennessee accent, MERCI BEAUCOUPS, what a ride!Provided by Rivergate and Tuckessee H.O.G. Chapter
Turn-by-turn Directions—> ride4

5.The American Muscle Tour- Music City To Vette City

What’s more American than Harley-Davidson and Corvettes? And when the two are combined, it just doubles the fun!  Ride the back roads to the Corvette Manufacturing Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. For a small donation you can tour through the birthplace of the Corvette and XLR.

Watch the fascinating assembly process of America?s favorite sports car and catch a glimpse of the Cadillac XLR in a one-mile walking tour. Observe robots weld the basic structure and the workforce adds parts in trim and chassis. See an engineering marvel as the chassis and body come together in “marriage”.  Witness the birth of new Corvettes at first start and the thrilling drive off the end of the assembly line.

Then hop back on America’s Favorite motorcycle (Your Harley-Davidson, of course!) and ride over to the Corvette Museum, well worth the price of admission. Almost every year of Corvette is represented in this museum. It is exciting to walk through and watch the Corvette’s evolution throughout the years.
Provided by the Rivergate H.O.G. Chapter             Turn-by-turn Directions—>ride5

6. A Dam Good Ride, Or Two!

Pack a bathing suit, sack lunch and a cane pole!  With the Harpeth, Caney Fork, Buffalo, Duck, Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers, Middle Tennessee is a haven for water sports enthusiasts.  You will enjoy the consequence of thousands of years of hydrostatic pressure as it created the dramatic ridges and valleys you will traverse on these roads.  One ride going east and the other ride going west. Either will have you remembering Middle Tennessee’s scenic waterways and a Dam Good Ride for years to come.

Provided by the Murfreesboro H.O.G. Chapter       Turn-by-turn Directions—> ride6

7. OLD No. 7 To Jack and Back

Lynchburg, TN isn’t a place you “ride through” on your way to somewhere else. It is so off the beaten path, it’s either your destination or you are lost. It is a tiny little town in a tiny little county with one BIG industry – JACK DANIELS DISTILLERY.  Granted, most people ride to Lynchburg the first time to take the tour of the oldest registered distillery in the United States.

But if you take the time to stay a little longer, you will discover an American dream: An old fashioned town, the likes of which you may have thought no longer existed. A charming town square surrounds the 100-year-old courthouse. You will soon be browsing leisurely through a variety of unique shops. No need to hurry. Just stop and chat awhile. Life moves at a slower pace in Lynchburg.  http://www.jackdaniels.com/

Provided by the Music City H.O.G. Chapter           Turn-by-turn Directions—> ride7

8. Legend of the Ghost Train

About an hour south of Nashville, Chapel Hill is a small town mainly established by the railroad line. And home to a few ghosts. A church in Chapel Hill has a Bible in it, which cannot be lifted from the pew it is on. It belonged to an old man of the congregation who asked that it not be removed after he died. Attempts to lift it have proved futile. Even the strongest people cannot budge it.

However, Chapel Hill is best known for the ghost on the railroad track. The legend is that in the early 1900s a railroad worker was hit by a train, losing his head in the process. His ghost now returns, searching for his head with a lantern. His lantern dances across the track, easily visible from a distance. While it is usually not bothersome to spectators, it does have an attitude on occasion.
Stop for lunch in this small town, which is rumored to have the best burger in all of Tennessee.

Provided by the Murfreesboro H.O.G. Chapter       Turn-by-turn Directions—> ride8

9.  Be Young and Fearless…A Haunting Ride to The Bell Witch Cave

Within minutes of the Rally site you’ll find yourself in the rural Davidson County.  Riding through Bear Wallow, up the Devils Elbow and in to the farming community of Joelton.  On through Coopertown and Cedar Hill and in to Adams, site of “America’s Greatest Ghost Story”. www.bellwitch.org

While in Adams, enjoy the areas premier meat n three restaurant, The School House Cafeteria.  The best lunch around and you’ll need a full belly to stomach the true stories of the Bell Witch.

Provided by the Music City H.O.G. Chapter         Turn-by-turn Directions—> ride9

10. A Cheeseburger in Paradise (Granville,TN Style)

As Mr. Buffet once said: “There is a fine line between Saturday night and Sunday morning”.
Folks, saddle up; You are about to find a little piece of Paradise at a hidden little place called the Granville Marina!  This place is so hidden away it’s rumored that folks have run out of gas and have pushed their bike for three miles.. uphill.. to get there.  You have to want to get there to find Granville!

This is about a 5-hour ride through some of the most scenic spots in Middle Eastern Tennessee.  You will wind through five counties to finally land at a little spot ofParadise that we Tennesseans know as the Granville Marina.  This ride “ain’t for the faint of heart”, so if you partied just a little too hard the night before it would be wise to bring a guest to help push your bike just in case.. remember- some folks have run out of gas trying to get to Paradise! SHHHHHH, don’t tell anyone about this spot! It’s a keeper. They make the best little cheeseburger, this side of the Keys!

Provided by the Nashville H.O.G. Chapter           Turn-by-turn Directions—>ride10

11.  Take The Last Train to Clarksville

…and I’ll meet you at the Station.  Yes this is THE TOWN the Monkey’s were singing about! How about we take the scenic route on a Harley-Davidson and meet at the Dealership instead?  This easy and relaxing ride will take you through three counties on beautiful winding back roads.
Historic Clarksville is located on the Cumberland River and has many attractions for visitors, including nearby Ft. Campbell military post, home of the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles. Hmmm..Wonder if that’s anything like a Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle?

Provided by the Tuckessee H.O.G. Chapter        Turn-by-turn Directions—> ride11

12.  Trace the Trace, NO Commercial Traffic Allowed!

Right here in our own backyard is the Natchez Trace Parkway.  A Federal Byway commemorating an ancient trail that connected southern portions of the Mississippi River through Alabama to salt licks in today’s central Tennessee.
Sections of the Old Trace are the common ground that connects us to the stories of people across centuries.
The most celebrated travelers of the Natchez Trace were farmers and boatmen from the Ohio River regions of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky, floating supplies down to ports in Natchez and New Orleans at the beginning of the 1800s. Upon arriving at their destination, they would return to their homes by way of the Natchez Trace.
Trace the paths of our ancestors on some of the most scenic and winding roads to be found anywhere. For the adventurous, travel to Tupelo Mississippi, birthplace of Elvis Presley.

Whether you travel 50 miles or 500 miles, this ride will put a smile on your face and a glow in your heart with memories of riding in Middle Tennessee. For more information, click on this link:http://www.scenictrace.com

Provided by the Music City H.O.G. Chapter       Turn-by-turn Directions—> ride12

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  1. G’day from Downunder.
    What a great selection of rides. In 2017, late July, my wife and I are bringing 10 couples to tour around your area. These rides will help us get around. If any HOG members want to ride with us that would be fantastic.
    Assistant Director Canberra Chapter, Australia.

  2. G’day down under! Ron Passmore head road captain Music City Chapter here. This is just a taste of what we have to offer. Look up Tail of the Dragon Highway 129 East Tennessee Bring your game on that one!! Then the Devil’s triangle East Tennessee Again bring your game. Each time I have visited Australia I have been treated like a brother not an associate. Please feel free to contact me anytime we can get together on your arrival break bread and I would be honored to show you around the mountain! Ronaldp@comcast.net

  3. Hi, if you are in Middle Tennessee, and especially if you are doing tour #10 to Granville, TN, I invite you to stop in Carthage, TN. It is a historic community and former home to two Nobel Peace Prize winners. The historic downtown is going through renovation and we have a cute new store, The Candy Bar, that features hand-dipped ice cream, sno-cones, specialty root beers and soda, nostalgic candy, cotton candy, and latte/coffees. It is a tiny little place but has some outdoor seating. Open 7 days/week, so stop on by!

  4. Just wondering what I can expect for weather and leaf colors the first and second week of October. I have a business meeting in Nashville, Oct. 7-10 and I’m thinking of riding the bike down from NY and touring around a bit. I’ve traveled through TN a lot, but always on my way through. Thought I would stick around a bit and see what your state has to offer. Love this site and the 10 rides.


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